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Roman vs ARB


By clicking you came to Roman's workshop. He is Andrea's brother and as we wrote earlier, sacrificed a lot of free time to build metal and aluminium things for our Bumblebee. So this page is dedicated to him and his fine craftsmanship!
We have put here some photos of his job...
He always works to perfection with a thin line towards "pedanterie", he drew, built models and finally made us some nice offroad bumpers, roof rack, safe box, sand ladders...we are proud!

If you are rebuilding your 4x4 at the moment, or someone you know, and you like Roman's stuff for our Patrol or Milan Elznic's Landcruiser, or you have own ideas, try this number: +420603193113 and talk to Roman Kaucky from Plzen, we are sure you can find a solution to your plans!

The front reinforced bumper with light holders and an adapter for a "mobile" winch, to be used front or back, depending on situations. The indicators on the side are protected and he put some more light into the bumper.

The roof rack. Because we have a short wheel base it needed to be made different and be connected with the chassis. The roof rack is over the whole length of the roof, in the front we could use the "rain gutter", but across the hard top we had more trouble. Roman finally built a frame to connect the roof rack with the chassis and included some sidesteps there. The bottom of the rack is made with a grid, so it doesn't catch dirt or water and is lighter. Romn put a number of hooks and loops on the rack so we can tie things there. The roof tent is in the front and classically opens over the hood.

Safe - a lockable middle box. One part we left plastic for the radio and switches, the main part is made of 6mm checker plate with a lock and a holder for the inverter in the back.

sand boards - they are tied over the rear windows, prevents theft and we really used these boards a lot (...tracking lions in Namibia and getting stuck in an apparently "dry" riverbed)

back bumper includes a jerrycan carrier for 2x20l and a spare wheel carrier on the other side - both "swing away" style. They are both lockable and there is even a hole for the winch adapter...

Here is work Roman has done for Milan Elznic (his website you can find in our "how to..." and "links" page. he is preparing for a trip around the world)
Here you see a different type of roof rack including nice holders for sparewheel, shovel etc. An extra lockable box for the back door and checker plates on the hood.

There are a few possibilities about what and how to prepare and build stuff for 4x4. It depends on your needs, possibilities and imagination. If you think of something or need lockable boxes or anything else from this page, just contact Roman:

Roman Kaucky ph: 00420-603 825 126 or mail to: rokau@seznam.cz


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