A Wild Jouney - Expedition Africa 2008-2012

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expedition across Africa - multimedia slideshow about Africa, wildlife, adventure and our wild journey across Africa

Multimedia Presentations

To be on a trip through this amazing continent is a breathtaking experience, to come back there every other year even more so. In these 17 months and nearly 100.000km we have spent in Africa we had the unique chance to collect numerous adventures, experiences and encounters - not all of them always positive but still all forming a part of a great trip. That´s why we sat and chose photos, edited sounds and videos and made a few multimedia presentations for you to come and see us and to let us take you on a "short" journey with us. Why not book us for your company event or gathering?

1. "Across Africa - from North to South in a 4x4"

Would you like to know why Rene ended up in a prison in Nairobi? What happens when you pull a lion by the tail? Or how it feels to get a smack from a frustrated chimp? How to get a car out of a hole and how to sleep tight with elephants all around the tent?
Well...we might just have all those answers for you...and many more stories to tell.
Bring a bit of time as it is very hard to "squeeze" all 10 months of our first trip into a couple of hours. And don´t worry, we will not bore you with dry facts!

duration: at least 2 hrs

2. "Sudan - Land of Pyramids and Magic Temples"

Sudan is one of the countries which impressed us most on our trip. We had never met such friendly and welcoming people before - what a contrast to the media attention it gets here in Europe! What´s even more surprising is the fact that there are many more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt - just far less visited! Imagine to stand in the middle of the desert, pyramids rising before ones´ eyes and the only companion the wind, that has blown here for thousands of years. An absolutely unforgettable experience! And that the people of Southern Sudan are among the "blackest" on the whole continent is another compelling fact. Join uns and let us introduce you to a Sudan you have never seen before!

duration: 90min

3. Zimbabwe - The House of Stone

Another country we grew attached to - once the bread basket of Africa due to its fertile soil, nowadays corrupted, devastated and run down by a bloodthirsty dictator.
And yet loveable, full of history and ancient stone structures. Its inhabitants respectable and friendly people and its wildlife magnificent and truly "wild"! Zimbabwe´s granite landscape is literally "littered" with thousands of years old cave paintings by the San people - lots of them still undiscovered! Altogether we have spent roughly 3 months here, made good friends and returning to this country feels like coming home for us!

duration: 90min

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